Monday, April 2, 2012

See SIR opportunity BEFORE the AUDIT!

So, You've got an Audit approval letter!  (If not, HERE's an application form)

Client heats with Natural Gas, So you know there's probably less opportunity than an oil or propane client.  Possible SIR challenges.  Like to know how big the cost effective savings opportunity is BEFORE THE AUDIT?

Wanna rough idea if there will be SIR opportunity before you get to the house?  

I have a rough calculator for you HERE.

Take your approval letter, go to page 2 which has annual therms and square feet.  Enter those numbers in the boxes, click Calculate, and if the box is any color other than red, be fairly confident you do not have a program opportunity.

This is what it looks like:


This shows the annual therm consumption and square footage, which you enter in the calculator shown in the NEXT image.

Here you see the annual usage and square footage entered,

next click Calculate and....


Great Opportunity:

This house has a pretty good energy opportunity even on super cheap Natural Gas.

Don't walk to this audit, drop everything and run because with these rare numbers it is very likely you have a lot of decent work that will be program eligible.

Unfortunately, it is much more common to run into homes like the next one:


THIS Home's opportunity is pretty good from a comfort and energy perspective, but you won't find SIR here...

1600 sf/1000 therms.  

Not that these homes don't have significant savings opportunities, you'll just find efforts to be comprehensive getting parsed to death by SIR and TRC problems.  

Want to bring up the program here?  PROCEED WITH CAUTION!  Even if you and your sales people aren't completely confused, the client will be.  


On the other end of the scale are folks with pretty low usage who want to do more.  Unfortunately there is no encouragement for these folks in the program, because incentive is SIR Cliff instead of Energy Savings based, you don't have a snowballs chance of getting work through:  


WHAT DO THE POP-UPS MEAN?  Below is how I've classified the various pop-ups:

Again, this is a pre-audit tool that people can use to understand what neighborhood their opportunity is in, get an understanding of what the audit results are likely to tell them, and basically to set very general expectations.  

It will also help disqualify people who are living in decent homes who want Buffet style return on investment from energy efficiency work. 

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