Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How High ARE My Energy Bills? - A simple measurement tool

  1. GET ONE YEAR ENERGY HISTORY - it's easy if you have a cheat sheet.  CLICK HERE to see screen shots of the steps to getting energy history at RGE.COM or NYSEG
  2. STEP ON AN ENERGY SCALE - it's just 2 numbers and clicking a button if you have energy history. 
  3. DECIDE IF FURTHER EFFORT IS WARRANTED - it's easy.  Decide if your home has a big enough savings opportunity to warrant applying for the free audit program.  (not really free, you've already paid for it out of RPS and SBC charges on your energy bill.  So, you are paying for an audit whether you take advantage of it or not).  
Less than 15 minutes, right?  

If you feel further effort IS warranted, apply for an audit, which may take another 15 minutes.  
CLICK HERE:  It's a one page application.  

(I am always looking for ways to simplify and clarify the information I provide.  If you have comments or suggestions, please "Post a Comment" at the bottom or send me a note.


Not clear? Visualize what the 3 step measurement process looks like:

STEP 1.  GET ONE YEAR ENERGY HISTORY.  Here's what mine looks like:

(Click on image to shuttle quickly through images)

You can add these number by hand, or cut and paste to Excel to come up with annual consumption.  (You can also cut and paste this to the email that you attach your free audit application to, as they want documentation of energy use.) 

You'll also need your home's square footage.  IF you don't know this number you can find it on ZILLOW

STEP 2.  STEP ON SCALE:  Take your annual consumption and square footage and enter into the ENERGY SCALE:

Here you see the annual usage and square footage entered,

Next click Calculate and....

YOUR Opportunity will

STEP 3.  SEE WHAT YOUR OPPORTUNITY MEANS: Below is how I've classified the various pop-ups:

Again, NEXT: 
 If you feel further effort IS warranted, apply for an audit, which may take another 15 minutes.   It's a one page application.  

Ever wonder; "How much am I wasting UNNECESSARILY and WHERE IS IT GOING?"  

STEP 4.  SIGN UP FOR FREE ENERGY AUDIT PROGRAM - it's easy.   It's a one page application.  

If you feel further effort IS warranted, that your house has attractive opportunity for energy savings or comfort improvement, the next small bite is apply for an audit, which may take another 15 minutes:
  1. SIGN UP FOR FREE ENERGY AUDIT PROGRAM - it's easy.   It's a one page application.  Now you have your energy history and know your home has opportunity that meets your cost effectiveness criteria.  Download the PDF and it's "fillable".  

DONE!  Now you have claimed your $250-$400 energy audit.  Actually, reclaimed RPS and SBC charges you've paid in to the system on your utility bill.  


Line up the financing.  It's a good idea to get this step started now.  You have nothing to lose and understanding your options here will be really important later.  (Many people find putting this off leads to disappointment and back-tracking.)

The audit opens the door for additional incentives available for funding repairs and improvements through the NY Home Performance with Energy Star program.  Please contact me if you have any questions!


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